Retirement Board Office

Welcome to the Peabody Retirement Board Office. We serve over 800 active members and over 800 retired members.

If you are interested in getting an estimate of potential retirement benefits for a Superannuation retirement Click Here.

Guidelines For Requesting Public Records

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Pension Administrator: James Freeman   (978) 538-5911   Email
Donna Hopkins   (978) 538-5913   Email

Board Members

Richard Yagjian - Chairman
Michael Gingras - Ex-Officio Member
Edward Lomasney - Appointed By the Mayor
Joseph Difranco, Sr. - Elected Member
Linda Cavallon - Elected Member


Forms for Members

Forms for Retirees

MIIA Blue Cross Blue Shield – City of Peabody Medicare Eligible Retirees Benefits

General Information

Telephone: (978) 538-5911
Fax: (978) 538-5989