Emergency Management Office

The Mission of Peabody Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is to help Peabody Municipal Government to be better prepared for large scale emergency operations. The Department is spearheading efforts in obtaining federal and state grants for training, new equipment, and for building and improving emergency response infrastructure. This will allow other city departments to improve their responses and communications both internally and externally.
In addition to the above, the department is in a process of setting up the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program to enhance efforts to improve security for the citizens of Peabody.

CERT teams are multi-faced groups of citizens that will be trained in 1st aide, CPR and emergency operations. These volunteer citizens will help with communications, supply and shelter operations when needed.

Become a CERT volunteer Today!
Contact Steve Pasdon - Director, Peabody Department of Homeland Security at (978) 531-2200 and find out how you can become a member of CERT volunteer team. All CERT volunteers will be subject to background checks and training.


Director: Steve Pasdon   (978) 538-5925   Email

Helpful Links & Information

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CERT Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Telephone: (978) 531-2200