Purchasing Department

The City will utilize this page to post notice of certain construction procurements in accordance with updated rules for solicitation of building and public works projects, as established under Chapter 218 of the Mass Acts and Resolves of 2016.

Parties wishing to participate in a procurement listed on this page are encouraged to contact the Purchasing Department by calling the number on this page to request a copy of the solicitation for any project of interest.

The Purchasing Department reserves the right to determine whether any party making inquiry on a particular procurement is customarily performing such work and qualified to offer a response, and to limit participation in any specific procurement at such point as a sufficient number of qualified respondents are identified as having been issued solicitation materials or three or more responses have been received and further responses will not be accepted.

Notice of Procurement Opportunities for Work

Call for experienced Snow Plow Drivers with Equipment

Bid 18-04    Construction of New Peabody Dog Park
Request specifications to: Email

Bid 18-05    Rental of Equipment – Utility and Emergency - Repairs on Streets & Ways
Call Purchasing 978-538-5902

Bid 18-06    Roadside Maintenance Contract
Call Purchasing 978-538-5902


Purchasing Agent: Daniel Doucette   (978) 538-5901    Email
Secretary: Maria Ataide   (978) 538-5902    Email

General Information

Telephone: (978) 538-5902
Fax: (978) 538-5988