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City Clerk

City Clerk

  • Staff

  • City Clerk: Allyson Danforth (978) 538-5750 Email
  • Assistant City Clerk: Colleen Kolodziej (978) 538-5751 Email
  • Matthew Jenkins (978) 538-5752 Email
  • Grace Augulewicz (978) 538-5754 Email
  • Karina Tirado (978) 538-5753 Email
  • Genealogical Research

  • The Office of the City Clerk provides genealogical researchers access to certain indexes, records and information. This access is available during regular business hours. Further research may be conducted at: Vital Records Division of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Massachusetts State Archives National Archives-New England Region

  • City Council Meeting Minutes

  • Vital Records

  • (Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage License)
  • Certified copies of birth, death and marriage records may be obtained from the Office of the City Clerk in person, during regular business hours, by mail, or online

    To request a vital record by mail, please forward a written request to the Office of the City Clerk, 24 Lowell Street, Peabody, MA 01960 with a check made payable to the City of Peabody. The written request must include the name of the party, date of birth, marriage, or death, and contact information of the requestor.

    The fee for a certified copy is $10.00. Birth records will be on file only if the child was born in Peabody or the parents were residing in Peabody at the time of the birth. In some cases, picture identification may be required to obtain a certified copy the record.

    Marriage records will only be on file if the married parties filed their intention of marriage in Peabody.

    Death records will be on file if the person deceased in Peabody or was residing in Peabody at the time of death

  • Block Party Application

  • Block Party Application
  • Block Party Applications are now being accepted by the City Clerk's Office. All applicants will need to submit COVID-19 health and safety precautions to the Health Department. A planning checklist for outdoor events is available at After the Health Department approves your COVID-19 health and safety precautions, your application will be placed on the City Council's agenda for approval. This process may take up to two weeks."

  • Dog License

  • A Dog License must be issued to the owner or a keeper of a dog at least six months of age or older. To license a dog, you must show proof of a current vaccination (just the rabies tag is not sufficient) and proof of spay or neutering. The fee for a spay or neutered dog is $15.00 and a male or female is $25.00. You may license the dog in person at the City Clerk's Office, mail in the dog license application form with payment, request for a license using the City's Online Payment Center.

    Online Dog License Application
Dog License Application
  • Residential Parking Pass Program Application

  • LICENSE and REGISTRATION must be shown when purchasing stickers. There will be NO mail order sales. The parking spaces are limited and will be sold on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Stickers can only be used in designated marked spaces in the following downtown parking lots: CENTRAL STREET, FOSTER STREET, MILL STREET. NICHOLS LANE, AND RAILROAD AVENUE. For questions, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 978-538-5756.

  • Residential Parking Pass Application
  • Special Permit

  • Special Permit Application
  • The city council must formally receive the special permit application at a regularly scheduled meeting prior to a legal ad being published in a newspaper of general circulation. After the city council acts on the special permit, a special permit decision is filed in the City clerk's office, and there is a 20 day appeal period from the filing date of said decision to the time that an applicant can obtain a building/occupancy permit from the building inspector. It's at the building inspector's discretion to issue the same.

  • Yard Sale Permit

  • Online Yard Sale Permit
  • Yard Sale Rules
  • A Yard Sale Permit (residential only) must be issued if any resident is planning on conducting a yard sale or garage sale. Permits can be obtained from the City Clerk's Office at any time prior to the event. Yard sales are limited to two (2) days per calendar year. The fee for a permit is $5.00 per day. A resident can also indicate a rain date. Signs are prohibited from being affixed to City property such as telephone poles, street signs, sidewalks, etc.

  • Hunting & Fishing License

  • A hunting and fishing license can no longer be obtained from the City Clerks office. All licenses are now obtained via an all electronic system thru the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife. Any questions please call 978-538-5756.

  • Work Permit

  • Work permits for children, ages 14 through 17, may be obtained at the School Department. (978) 531-1600.

  • City Census

  • The City Clerk's Office is now updating the 2023 City census. If you have received your census, please return to the City Clerk's Office immediately. Residents can also leave their census at the following locations: Main Library, 82 Main Street; West Branch Library, 603 Lowell Street; South Branch Library, 78 Lynn Street, Community Life Center, 79 Central Street. If any resident has not received a census form, you may call the City Clerk's Office to inquire or download the 2020 City of Peabody Census Form and return it to the City Clerk's Office.

    It is important to answer the census and be counted. The census also helps the City with various grant applications, if you are in the military you may be eligible for the bonus buy back program, proving your residence, and aids police and fire for 911 purposes.

  • Campaign Finance Reports

  • Search By Last Name
  • Code of Ordinances

  • Business Certificate

  • Massachusetts requires anyone who is conducting business under an alias (i.e. any other name than their own), including corporations, to file a business certificate in the community where their business is principally headquartered. This form, also called a "DBA" which stands for "doing business as", contains the name and address of the business and the names and residences of the principals of the business. This certificate must be signed in the presence of a designated clerk in the Office of the City Clerk or a Notary Public. The certificate is effective for four years and the filing fee is $20.00. The fee for filing an amendment is $10.00.

    Business Certificate Form
  • Protect Your Business Name

  • Filing a business certificate at the local level does not protect your name. If you have a business name or a symbol that you consider unique and valuable you may want to register it as a trademark or a service mark. Trademarks are any word, name, symbol, or device, or any combination of these used to identify the goods of a business and distinguish those goods from the goods of others. Similarly, there are service marks that may be used to identify and distinguish a business which provides a service rather than goods. You are not required to register your trademark or service mark with any governmental agency. Trademarks are protected under common law. However, by registering your mark, you may gain certain exclusive ownership benefits under statutory law. You should contact the Specialized Section in the Corporations Division of the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth for further information.