Online Payment Information

View and Pay Your Bill Online! The City of Peabody is excited to offer you a fast and easy way to securely receive and pay your Real Estate and Personal Property Bills electronically.

You can choose to make a quick one-time payment or register to access the benefits of online billing, which include:
View current and past billing statements
Make payments by credit card or electronic check
Link multiple bills to one username to view all your bills from one place
Receive email notifications every time a statement is ready to be viewed and paid
Make payments for a current balance owed or schedule future payments
Access your account anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet, or smartphone

We also encourage residents to consider going paperless to receive their bill electronically to help us achieve our goal of reducing paper waste and going green.

What You Should Know about Online Billing with The City of Peabody

Security & Privacy

Your personal information remains confidential and secure. The system used by The City of Peabody to process payments is independently audited each quarter for Level 1 compliance (the highest level) with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards for credit card security, ensuring that all transmissions taking place on the site and encrypted and secure.


There is no cost to sign-up for online billing and you can update your account preferences (such as paper and electronic billing delivery options) or cancel at any time.

Payment and Processing Fees

A convenience fee will be assessed for each credit card payment that is processed online. Fees are percentage-based or flat-rate charges based on the type of card you use and the payment amount. This fee is charged by the electronic payment processor transacting the funds and no portion of the fee goes to The City of Peabody. This charge will appear separately from the payment amount for the bill on your bank or credit card statement and is non-refundable.

Real Estate, Personal Property and Excise:

Fee Schedule

Debit/Credit Card Fee Schedule (Click Here to View)

If you require assistance or have any questions regarding online billing with The City of Peabody, contact us at (123) 123-4567 or email us.

Below are some frequently asked questions that will help you better understand this service.

How does it work?

This service provides you with an easy way to review and/or pay your bill online. Instead of receiving your bill via the U.S. Mail, we will send you an email notification when your bill is available online. Simply click the above, sign in enroll in online billing, and you are ready to view and pay your bill. If you would rather continue to receive your bill in the mail, you can choose the One Time Payment option that lets you make a payment without seeing the bill online.

How much does it cost?

Enrolling in online billing is free. In fact, you will save the cost of the stamp and you will save the hassle of writing out a check. The only cost you will incur is any applicable convenience fee which is assessed with each payment based on the card type, payment amount, and bill type

Will my paper bill still be mailed to me?

You have the option of selecting to "Turn Off Paper Statements." If you do this, you can easily print out your statements from your online account should you still be interested in storing paper statements at home.

Can I cancel after I sign up?

You may cancel at anytime and your paper bill will be mailed to you the next billing cycle. To remove yourself from paperless billing, log into your account and update your preferences under "eBill Options".

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. This service enables you to pay your bill online. You can easily pay your bill with a major credit card or your checking account.

Is my credit card and bank account information safe?

We protect your information with the highest level of encryption available. You can be assured that your information is safe. The website is PCI Level 1 Compliant and SAS 70 Type II Certified. They are the most stringent certifications to ensure your data is secure.

How will I know when I have a new bill?

If you are signed up for paperless billing, you will receive an email notification once the bill is available for online payment. If you are not signed up for paperless billing, you will receive your bill by USPS.

Will my bill look the same online?

Your online bill will be an exact replica of the bill you are used to getting in the mail.

Can I easily print and save my bill?

We use the industry standard PDF format for storing and displaying your bill which makes it very easy to print or save your bill to your computer. Click here to get the free Acrobat® Reader®.

Can I cancel a payment?

You may only cancel a payment the same day it was initiated. To do so, please email with the payment information. If the payment is scheduled, you may cancel this any day before the chosen date in your UniPay Gold account.

How can I view my earlier bills?

You may view any past bills online if you are signed up for paperless billing. This feature is located in your UniPay Gold account under "View eBill History". The bills that can be viewed are the ones received while enrolled for paperless billing.

Can I schedule a payment?

You may schedule an electronic check payment only if you have a UniPay Gold account and are logged in.

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