Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Act (CPA), approved as a ballot question on the November 6, 2001 Election, provides a mechanism to fund the creation and preservation of affordable housing, open space and historic resources.

The Act provides the authority for Peabody to establish a local Community Preservation Fund (CPF) that derives its revenues primarily from a surcharge on the property tax. The ballet question approved by the City provided for a one percent (1%) surcharge of the taxes assessed annually on real property. It also provided an exemption for the first $100,000 of the assessed value of Class I, residential parcels. There are additional exemptions for residential properties. They are (1) for property owned and occupied as a domicile by a person who would qualify for low income housing and (2) for property owned and occupied as a domicile by a person who would qualify for low or moderate income senior housing.

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CPC Information

City Council

Primary - Thomas Gould - 978-531-7374
Alternate(T.Gould) - Arthur Athas - 978-531-5010
Primary - Barry Sinewitz - 978-535-2283
Alternate(B.Sinewitz) - Dave Gravel - 978-531-6636

CPC Clerk

Dianne Marchese - 978-979-0876

Conservation Commission

Primary - Michael Rizzo - 978-535-4023

General Public

Primary - Andrew Metropolis - 978-532-3310
Primary - Michael Schulze - 978-531-2880
Alternate - Peter McGinn - 978-531-3587
Alternate - Deborah Ryan

Historical Commission

Primary - William Power - 978-590-2621
Alternate - Gerald Bellew - 978-532-2527

Housing Authority

Primary - Darren Keely - 978-531-3789
Alternate - Ted Neary - 978-531-2737

Park Commission

Primary - Edward Wodarski - 978-531-3616
Alternate - Daniel Collins

Planning Board

Primary - Richard St. Pierre 978-977-0538
Alternate - Corinne Pramas

General Information

Telephone: (978) 979-0876