Boards and Commissions

If you are interested in serving on a city board or commission please forward a resume and cover letter to Mayor Edward A. Bettencourt, Peabody City Hall, 24 Lowell Street, Peabody, Massachusetts 01960.

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Board of Appeals

Board of Assessors

(Board Members)
The Board of Assessors annually assesses taxes to cover the cost of running the City, along with the State appropriations assessed to the City.

Board of Health

(Board Members)
The Board of Health oversees the Peabody Health Department in promoting the health and well being of Peabody citizens and visitors through the provision of school health services, public immunization clinics, communicable disease follow-up, health education, and the permitting and inspection of facilities.

Board of Registrars

The Board of Registrars is in charge of the yearly census, jury list and a continuous update of current voter list for all elections.

Cable Commission

( Board Members )
Peabody CATV Complaint Form (with Instructions)
The purpose of the Cable Commission is to review, oversee and discuss the operation of and complaints against cable television service in Peabody.

Chair – Melissa Comak 17 Emily Lane
Vice Chair – Thomas Pappas 173 Winona Street
Primary – Jesse Comak 17 Emily Lane
Primary – Kevin Donovan 151R Lowell Street
Primary – Mick Loescher 10 Columbus Rd.
Primary – Jon Swanson 9 Welcome Street
Primary – David Titelbaum 112 Lowell Street #2
Alternate – TBD
Alternate – TBD
Alternate – TBD

Civic Center Commission

The Civic Center Commission serves as the policy-making board overseeing the operations of the George Peabody House Civic Center and supervises the activities of the management firm which administers the programs and operations.

Community Development Authority

The purpose of the Community Development Authority is to engage in urban renewal and community development plans, to enforce restriction and controls of approved urban renewal or community development plans, and the finance business expansion.

Community Preservation Committee

Conservation Commission

Council on Aging

(Board Members)
The Council on Aging assesses the needs and provides the services for residents age 60 and older.

Cultural Council

(Board Members)
The Cultural Council works with the Massachusetts Cultural Council to allocate grant monies to projects pertaining to the arts, science, and humanities that benefit the citizens of Peabody.

Historical Commission

(Board Members)
The Historical Commission works to preserve, protect, and develop public awareness of Peabody's historical assets.

Licensing Board

Licensing Board (978) 538-5717) The Licensing Board administers the processing, overseeing and renewing the licenses of Peabody establishments of different categories. The Licensing Board also acts to prevent infractions of the law and to insure the licensees do not exceed the limits of their licenses.

Park Commission

The Park Commission is a policy making and advisory board that oversees the maintenance and management of Peabody's park lands and recreation programs.

Planning Board

(Board Members)
2018 Planning Board Meeting Dates
Rules and Regulations Governing the Subdivision of Land

The Peabody Planning Board oversees the Rules and Regulations Governing the subdivision of land in Peabody.

These rules and regulations were adopted under the Subdivision Control Law, MGL Ch. 41, Section 81-K through 81-GG inclusive. The subdivision regulations were adopted for the purpose of protecting the safety, convenience and welfare of the residents of the City of Peabody by "regulating the laying out and constructions of ways in subdivisions providing access to the several lots therein, but which have not become public ways, and ensuring sanitary conditions in subdivisions and in proper cases, parks and open areas."

The Planning Board acts on project proposals with due regard for the provision of:
-adequate access to all of the lots in a subdivision by ways that will be safe and convenient for travel
-for lessening congestion in such ways and in the adjacent public ways
-for reducing danger of life and limb in the operation of motor vehicles
-for securing safety in case of fire, flood, panic and other emergencies
-for insuring compliance with the applicable Zoning ordinance
-for securing adequate provision for water, sewerage, drainage, underground utility services, fire, police and other similar municipal equipment, and street lighting
-and for coordinating the ways in a subdivision with each other and with the public ways in the City and with the ways in neighboring subdivisions

The Planning Board is also part of the review process, through public hearing, for any changes to the Peabody Zoning Ordinance.

Rent Control Board

The Peabody Rent Control Board is made up of (1) park owner or designee and (4) residents of the city, one of whom is a tenant of a mobile home park and three (3) representing the public interest, none of whom are tenants or owners. The Peabody Rent Control Board establishes and adopts the maximum rents that may be charged for mobile home park accommodations, grants or denies certificates of eviction, and promulgates regulations. The Peabody Rent Control Board meets once a month usually on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Peabody Municipal Light Plant Auditorium.

Ted Neary
Paul Ricci
Frank Cole
Lisa Bingel-Ferri
Mark Boe
Atty. Jason Panos

Contact Marilyn Limongiello, Secretary

Sign Review Board

(Board Members)
The Sign Review Board is responsible for approving all signage in the City of Peabody.

Zoning Board of Appeals

Under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40A, Zoning Ordinances or by-laws shall provide for a zoning board of appeals (ZBA). The ZBA provides for the ability to apply for a variance or other relief from the Zoning Ordinance. An applicant may file for a variance or an appeal from an administrative decision.

The ZBA is also the reviewing and permit granting authority for comprehensive permits filed under the Anti-Snob Zoning Act (Chapter 774 of the Acts of 1969), Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40B, sections 20-23. The purpose of that act is to facilitate the development of affordable housing in Massachusetts.

Zoning Board Members

Frances Bisazza-Gallugi, Chairperson
Stephen M. Zolotas, Vice-Chairperson
Daniel P. Sencabaugh
Kevin McHugh
Barry Osborne
Julie Picardi (A)
Andrew Arnotis (A)

Current positions available

Conservation Commission
Cable Television Commission